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Date 07.03.12
Titre 7. Newsletter Irontrail - course presentation 4/5

Dear Irontrailers,

If I were a bird, I'd sing a song… the birds are singing, so spring must be just around the corner. It's time to sniff the Irontrail air…

Apart from the T201 which is the longest distance race, we are also launching a teaser trail, the T21 from Arosa to Chur. We want to offer seasoned ramblers, day trippers and trail beginners the opportunity to give this wonderful kind of sport a try. Of course, you could also take it at a leisurely pace and, together with friends, associates or work colleagues, turn the T21 into your own special event. Because where else would you get a day or two that are organised from start to finish, including a Swiss Ticket for travel, catering for the whole hike and transportation of your luggage to Chur? You will find the details here…

But for now let's start in Lenzerheide, with the latest highlights of the T201:

Lenzerheide – Chur (km 154 - 201)

km 156 – 158

  • A fascinating, steep section which is like a primeval forest

km 158 - 170

  • Single trail full of variety over the Rothorn with extensive views
  • Past the source oft he River Plessur and three idyllic mountain lakes

km 181 – 191

  • The final section offers an extremely attractive Alpine landscape at an average altitude of 2,300 metres above sea-level

km 191 – 201

  • Fantastic view towards Chur… the finish is not far away now.

(Photos: Andrea Tuffli, Arosa Tourism)

Landscape / nature


  • Totseeli (km 165)
  • Älplisee (km 168)
  • Schwellisee (km 169)
  • Untersee
  • Obersee



  • Alp Sanaspans (km 158)
  • Aroser Alp (km 169)
  • Sattelalp (km 178)
  • Inner Urden (km 184)
  • Obersäss (km 187)
  • Jochalp (km 191)

Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Lenzerheide is the nearest holiday destination from Zurich. A shorter journey means more time for holidays and relaxation. In summer, Lenzerheide is the place to be for mountainbiker. 305 km tracks, 100 km GPS-tours and special offers for the mountain railways lead you tot he most beautiful spots in the valley. Lenzerheide is also a hotspot for hiker, nordic walker and runner. 170 km hiking trails and 12 signposted tours offer lot of pleasure in the nature.

Rothornbahn mit Blick auf Lenzerheide

(Photo: Lenzerheide Tourism)

Arosa Tourismus

“Arosa – Guaranteed snow, guaranteed sun and just wonderful! Since more than 100 years Arosa is a famous and popular alpine health resort in the Swiss region Graubünden. Far away from hustle and bustle guests can relax in Arosa in almost every season. Enjoy the radiant sun, the fresh summer-air, the impressive and various hiking trails, pure water in mountain lakes and rivers. The inhabitants of Arosa as well as regular guests are proud to describe Arosa as the “paradise of nature and hiking”.

Weisshornbahn mit Blick auf Arosa

(Foto: Arosa Tourism)

The presentation of the individual sections of the course will soon be finished, but the detailed planning is going ahead at full speed. The following updated documents are available to download with immediate effect:

  • Course data as per GPS measurement
    (variations from the previously published distance in kilometres and altitude in metres data are the result of course amendments.)
  • Course maps 1:50,000, sheets 1 - 8
    (the section from Morteratsch to the Diavolezza marked in blue on sheet 1 will be brought into play if the glacier is impassable.)
  • Course profiles (enlarged 10x)
  • GPS track in .gpx format
  • Information with the T21 now added
  • Supporting programme, with the T21 now added
  • Detailed information on luggage transport

Get the Irontrail bug and visit our website: www.irontrail.ch. We will be publishing further news in the coming weeks.

And by the way… we have opened up another time slot for registration. You now have until 15 May 2012 to register.

Your Trail-Heidi and OC-Team

Swiss Irontrail
Gäuggelistrasse 16 | CH-7000 Chur, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)81 258 40 14 | Fax +41 (0)81 258 40 10
infoirontrailch | www.irontrail.ch

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